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The 9100 Garage Door offers safety,beauty,and durability at the most affordable price for an insulated, steel door.

This is the Wayne-Dalton 9100

The 9800 Garage Door has an artfully molded fiberglass surface concealing durable steel construction. Even up close, folks never know it's not genuine hardwood.

This is the Wayne-Dalton 9800

The 9600 Insulated Garage Door offers the most options at an affordable price.

This is the Wayne-Dalton 9600

The 8800 Garage Door is the perfect glass expanses for a Beach Home.

This is the Wayne-Dalton 8800

The 8024 Garage Door has a 24 gauge steel skin.

This 8024 Garage Door has the look of wood but the strength of steel.

This is the Wayne-Dalton 8024

The 6100 Garage Door has a steel surface and an insulation core.

This is the Wayne-Dalton 6100

The 8300 Garage Door has the highest insulation value of the 8000 steel door series, R-14+.

This is the Wayne-Dalton 8300